Confessions: Rave NYTBR Review

In case you missed it, Valerie Martin received high praise in last weekend’s New York Times Book Review. The paper raved, “The Confessions of Edward Day is one of the best novels I’ve ever read about the actor’s psyche…. Martin builds an ominous tension almost Hitchcockian in its trenchant and perverse knowledge about the human animal…. Valerie Martin’s near obscurity is a mystery to me now…. Edward Day might finally bring Martin the recognition she deserves.” We hope so!

In The Confessions of Edward Day, Martin re-creates the seamy theater world of 1970’s New York, when rents were cheap, love was free, and nudity on stage was the latest craze. Edward Day, a talented and ambitious young actor, finds his life forever altered during a weekend party on the New Jersey shore. There he seduces the delicious Madeleine Delavergne and is saved from drowning by the mysterious Guy Margate, who becomes Edward’s rival on stage and off. And so, at a time when actors flocked to the great method teachers to hone the art of the “truthful” performance, Edward discovers that truth – in theater and in life – is ever elusive and never inert.

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