A Gate at the Stairs Now on Sale

The wait is over: A Gate at the Stairs, which Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times calls Lorrie Moore’s “most powerful book yet,” is now on sale.

Check out Lorrie Moore’s author tour schedule, including her appearance at Barnes & Noble in NYC on September 21.

Praise for A Gate at the Stairs:

“Moore may be the most irresistible contemporary American writer: brainy, humane, unpretentious and warm; seemingly effortlessly lyrical; Lily-Tomlin-funny. Most of all Moore is capable of enlisting not just our sympathies, but our sorrows…On finishing A GATE AT THE STAIRS, I turned to the reader nearest to me and made her swear to read it immediately.”—Jonathan Lethem, New York Times Book Review

“With dizzying wit and acute intelligence, Lorrie Moore’s novel A Gate at the Stairs features a Midwestern coed turned part-time nanny drawn into the full-time drama of a family who all demand babysitting.”—Vanity Fair

“The ending of this book is a miracle of lyric force, beautiful and beautifully constructed, with a comic touch that transforms itself to a kind of harrowing precision. With great writers this precision is achieved with such irregular tools as voice and convictions and social gestures, reacting to circumstances and events—or better, as Lorrie Moore shows us in this fine book—to the mysteries of love, agony, and grace.”—Vince Passaro, O, The Oprah Magazine