Margaret Atwood Critiques Pal Valerie Martin's Novel

In a recent critique published in The New York Review of Books Margaret Atwood calls Valerie Martin’s The Confessions of Edward Day “a bravura performance.” It’s no surprise that the novel received high marks from Atwood; the book &#151 about a professional rivalry set against the seamy theater world of 1970s New York &#151 has been praised from coast to coast. The unexpected part is that authors Atwood and Martin are good friends, and have been since 1985. In an interesting response to the review, the Guardian considers the fairness of Atwood’s assessment, asking, “Could it be that an author’s mate in fact makes the ideal reviewer?” Of course we, the publisher, are glad to see any stellar reviews of our books (especially when it’s as well-deserved as this one). After reading the Guardian piece, what do you think?