Reading Jesus Now on Sale

Mary Gordon’s Reading Jesus, which Library Journal calls “valuable to the thoughtful scholarly reader, Christian and non-Christian,” is now on sale from Pantheon Books.

In this impassioned and eye-opening book, Gordon takes us through all the fundamental stories—the Prodigal Son, the Temptation in the Desert, the parable of Lazarus, the Agony in the Garden—pondering the intense strangeness of a deity in human form, the unresolved moral ambiguities, and the problem posed to her as an enlightened reader by the miracle of the Resurrection.

Check out Gordon’s author tour schedule, and don’t miss her NYC appearances at Barnes & Noble on November 6 and Bookcourt on November 12.

“Gordon tackles the power and puzzle of the Christian gospels with measure and imagination….Raised Catholic, she writes as a layperson and cradle believer thrilled and trouble d  by these history-shaping texts, unafraid to articulate questions: what does it mean to be perfect? what exactly is a miracle? Her savoring of particular lines is poetic and amplifies the beauty and sometimes ambiguous challenge of the language, stories and injunctions of the gospels. Gordon writes to find out what she thinks and lets readers listen in. Those whose faith is infused with humanism and love of the power of words will love Gordon’s words about matter and mysteries of faith.”
Publishers Weekly