Insectopedia: Editor's Choice

The editor’s choice in Sunday’s Buffalo News, Hugh Raffles’s Insectopedia is “a revelation of the world of our fellow creatures . . . . In any competition for the strangest delights of this publishing year, nothing is likely to beat this A to Z investigation of bug-world . . . by a writer whose style is equal to his huge and strange task.”
Check out Hugh Raffles’s author tour and his interview with Publishers Weekly. Stay tuned for next week’s chance to win a free copy of Insectopedia, going on sale March 23!

Praise for Insectopedia
“Hugh Raffles’s work stands alone for what it says both about its subject and about us. After reading Insectopedia, it’s hard to look at a cricket, a bumblebee, and a human being the same way ever again. I adored the book.”
Neil Shubin, author of Your Inner Fish

“Art, science, beetles, beauty, miracles, manias, and more—the world itself, dazzling—gleams freshly through Rafffles’s insect-eyed lens. Every page delighted me.”
Andrea Barrett, author of Ship Fever

“[Insectopedia] sings with scholarship, deft writing, and an authentic fascination with the six-legged creatures that have so long roamed the Earth.”
Seed Magazine

“An erudite and entertaining paean to bugs”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Sure to amuse, educate, raise our hackles, unveil our guilt, and leave us to ponder just who we think we are anyway. For inquisitive adults seeking a mind trip outside the box.”
Library Journal