The Pint Man Author Steve Rushin Is Putting the "Pub" Back in Publicity Tour

Steve Rushin, author and former Sports Illustrated columnist is hitting the bar circuit in promotion of his latest fiction release THE PINT MAN.

This week, catch Steve in NYC at The Emerald Inn—the bar that inspired the main watering hole in THE PINT MAN.

Steve on The Emerald Inn:

At the time, I frequented another bar on the West Side—though “frequented” hardly does it justice. “Constanted” is more like it. The Emerald Inn, on Columbus Avenue, was a block from my fetid apartment and became, as it did for many in the neighborhood, the rec room or front parlor I didn’t have.

There were other bars: You didn’t want to be seen at the same place every night—a problem not shared by the protagonist in THE PINT MAN, Rodney Poole. Rodney is content to take up residence at Boyle’s, the New York bar where much of the action (and conspicuous inaction) of THE PINT MAN takes place.

For more on Steve’s bar patronage, read his blog here.

Thursday, March 11th
6:30 PM
205 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023

To learn more about Steve’s upcoming events visit: And be sure to follow Steve on Twitter, and let him know if you’d like to see him at a bar near you!