Jules Who?

“Jules WHO?” asks The Buffalo News in its review of Jules Feiffer’s forthcoming memoir, on sale tomorrow. Responding to its own rhetoric the article continues, “Jules Feiffer is one of the most important cultural figures of the last 50 years despite his current late-life obscurity among the young in his ninth decade on earth. . . At 81, [Feiffer’s] time has come. Again. And this wonderfully weird and revealing book proves it. [Backing Into Forward] has all the neurotic splendor and self-protective disingenuousness of truth. It’s by turns entertaining and gripping about the life of a wildly talented man who was bad at sports, bad at school (he never went to college and wasted years fearing discovery) and by his own cheerful admission, not all that great at drawing either. But look at the deeply neurotic and emaciated lines in any characteristic Feiffer cartoon. No one ever drew late-20th century urban American civilization any better. In memoir form, he’s grand company.”

For more Feiffer, visit his website, read the profile in USA Today, and the interview in Martha’s Vineyard Magazine.