Calling All Cartoonists

The Atlantic‘s interview with cartooning legned Jules Feiffer should interest any young people with an eye toward the profession. “Cartoonists are very different from everybody else,” Feiffer explains. “Some are class clowns, or they did poorly in school, or they didn’t get along with their families, or they live lives underground—in hiding from everybody else. One way or the other, they are weird, and the only pleasure they get is by drawing. Not all cartoonists are like that. But an extraordinary number of cartoonists are exactly like that. And I was among that group.” Read the full interview here.

Feiffer’s memoir has been receiving rave reviews since it went on sale last week. “Resonant, self-­lacerating and frequently hilarious,” wrote David Carr in New York Times Book Review. “The voice in Backing Into Forward is not spry, not pretty energetic for an old person, but youthful, full of insouciance, vanity and playfulness. While other accomplished men bronze their success or dip it in amber, Feiffer treats his own as one big, wonderful caper.”

For more Feiffer, visit his website and read the profile in USA Today.