Jay McInerney's Collection of Twenty-Six Stories: How It Ended

Jay McInerney, author of Bright Lights, Big City, had his newest book, a collection of short stories, How It Ended arrive in paperback this week.

How It Ended is a collection of twenty-six stories, new and old, that trace the arc of Jay McInerney’s career for nearly three decades.

“Extremely entertaining… elegant, subtle, shapely and reflective…. Perfect specimens.”
The New York Times

“A master of short fiction…. The characters [McInerney] crafts are so strong, the reader continues to care about them after the last page is turned.”
The Miami Herald

“[McInerney’s] stories are so immediately enveloping and powerful that we don’t notice how few words he uses to conjure his rich, complicated characters…. How It Ended is more than a victory lap for McInerney.”
The Plain Dealer