Ransom Center Opens Archive of Jim Crace Papers

The Harry Ransom Center, a humanities research library and museum at The University of Texas at Austin, has opened its archive to Jim Crace’s collection, which is made up of more than 45 boxes of materials, including the research notes, early drafts and edited page proofs of All That Follows, the novel that goes on sale next Tuesday. Click here to see Crace from the manuscript in the stacks of the Harry Ransom Center.

“It is with excitement and delight that the Center serves as a home for my own archive, spanning everything from first childhood attempts at fiction and teenage poems through 17 years of journalism and nine published novels to page drafts of my current ongoing book (partly set in Austin) and watercolour sketches for an upcoming fictional memoir,” said Crace. “It is, of course, strange and even a little distressing to part with so many valued and familiar papers—but I am certain that it is better that they are available and cared for in the Ransom Center than boxed and shut away in the attic of our house in Birmingham, England. No writer could wish for more than to be allocated a corner in such a fine, important and world-class collection.”