LA Times Rave for Eddie Signwriter

In an LA Times review, Abigail Deutsch compares Adam Schwartzman’s “ambitious, accomplished novel” Eddie Signwriter to Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Vladimir Nabokov’s Ada. Now on sale from Pantheon Books.

About the author:
Adam Schwartzman was born in Johannesburg in 1973. After completing degrees in English literature and development studies at Oxford University, he held positions in the South African National Treasury, the World Bank, and the International Finance Corporation. He is the author of three books of poetry—The Good Life, The Dirty Life, and Other Stories; Merrie Afrika!; and Book of Stones—as well as the anthology Ten South African Poets. Eddie Signwriter is his first novel. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey, with his wife and daughter.