Future Tense Now on Sale

In Future Tense, now on sale from Schocken Books, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, one of the most admired religious thinkers of our time, issues a call for world Jewry to reject the self-fulfilling image of “a people alone in the world, surrounded by enemies” and to reclaim Judaism’s original sense of purpose: as a partner with God and with those of other faiths in the never-ending struggle for freedom and social justice for all. This book is “sorely needed,” says The Guardian.

Don’t miss Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s May 2010 appearances in Boston and Philadelphia.

“Rabbi Sacks is one of the most engaged and engaging thinkers and commentators of our time . . . . His writings are always thought-provoking and often profound . . . . This latest volume is no exception. It is not a book that answers every question that is poses. But it asks all the right questions and answers many of them.”
The Times (London)

“Rabbi Sacks argues for a Judaism that engages with the world, that emphasizes the radical Jewish belief in human freedom. It’s sorely needed.”
The Guardian