Chuck Palahniuk's Newest Quirky Bestseller is Now in Paperback

A gang of adolescent terrorists, a spelling bee, and a terrible plan masquerading as a science project: This is Operation Havoc. Pygmy, Chuck Palahniuk’s newest quirky bestseller, is now in paperback.

Pygmy is one of a handful of young adults from a totalitarian state sent to the US disguised as exchange students. Living with American families to blend in, they are planning an unspecified act of massive terrorism that will bring this big dumb country and its fat dumb inhabitants to their knees. Palahniuk depicts Midwestern life through the eyes of this indoctrinated little killer in a cunning double-edged satire of American xenophobia.

“A cunning mix of advertising copy, leftist sloganeering and teen slang…. Pygmy is a dish for those who like their satire well done. And without apology.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Palahniuk’s twisted imagination is still in full bloom.” —The Seattle Times

“A hilarious cover-to-cover read.” —The Baltimore City Paper

“Inventive, hilarious, moving and deeply disturbing.” —Playboy

“Palahniuk is brilliant.” —The Washington Post Book World

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