In Free Fall: "One of the Best Books of the Year"

Juli Zeh’s gripping international bestseller In Free Fall was glowingly reviewed on The New York Observer‘s Daily Transom: “As ransom for his kidnapped son, a German scientist has to kill a hospital administrator, and finds himself entangled in an elegant quasi-thriller about physics, murder, and the solving of murders—all of which are governed by uncertainty principles. . . . Although totally overlooked, this is one of the best books of the year. Zeh has enough control to keep the murder from being lurid and the physics from being dull. Her prose is sharp and often witty, and the excellent translation means every moment shines brightly, whether it’s two ducks swimming on a pond or a cyclist being decapitated by a cable stretched taut across the road.”

The Belfast Telegraph calls the work “clever and truly entertaining.” The Guardian writes, “a thrilling read as well as a terrific mental workout.” The Times raves, “unusual and intriguing.” [Note: the book is titled Dark Matter in the UK]