Where the Dead Lay, Now in Paperback

David Levien, author of City of the Sun, has his newest novel now available in paperback. Where the Dead Lay continues the story of Frank Behr where City of the Sun left off.

When Frank Behr’s friend and mentor is murdered without any apparent motive, he thirsts for answers and retaliation. But before he can make headway in the dead-end investigation, a private firm approaches him with a delicate proposition: two of its detectives have gone missing, and the firm wants Behr to find out what happened to them. The search for the missing detectives takes Behr into the recesses of Indianapolis’s underworld, a place rife with brutality and vice where Behr uncovers a shocking thread connecting the missing detectives to his friend’s brutal murder, and, in the process, an ominous, deadly new breed of crime family.

“Levien is the new must-read thriller writer.” —Lee Child

“Where the Dead Lay delivers on all counts. It is crime fiction at its finest.” —Christopher Reich

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