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The Confessions of Edward Day New in Paperback

The Confessions of Edward Day is new in paperback. A brilliant new novel set in the bohemian, glamorous theater world of 1970s New York, by the Orange Prize-winning author of Property, Valerie Martin.

It’s the 1970s in New York—rents are cheap, love is free, and with the explosion of theater venues off and off-off Broadway, aspiring actors will work for nothing in no clothes. Enter Edward Day, who wants more than anything to move an unsuspecting audience to an experience of emotional truth. But he must also contend with the drama of his own life: he is locked in a bitter rivalry with fellow actor Guy Margate, with whom he shares a marked physical resemblance and a fatal attraction to the beautiful, talented, and all-too-available Madeleine Delavergne. Edward’s pursuit of Madeleine is complicated by the fact that he owes Guy his life. In this riveting tale of paranoia, passion, jealousy, and relentless ambition, Edward will learn that the truth, in the theater as in life, is ever elusive and never inert.

“A triumph…. Martin writes with amplitude, precision, grace, and wit…. It’s a bravura performance.” —Margaret Atwood

“Suspenseful…. A self-contained gem…. Lovers of the novel are in for a treat…. Valerie Martin is one of the best novelists we have.” —Jane Smiley

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