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Bring Lisa Unger's Die for You to Your Reading Group

Looking for a great mystery to bring to your reading group? Some suspense? Definitely choose Lisa Unger’s Die for You as your next book!

Isabel Raine thought she had everything—a successful career, a supportive family, and a happy marriage. Then one ordinary morning, her husband, Marcus, leaves for work and never comes back. She spends the day frantically calling his cell phone and his office, but receives no answer. After a dramatic raid at his office in which she’s knocked unconscious, a homicide detective shows up wanting to question her about Marcus Raine—the real Marcus Raine. Now the only thing Isabel knows for sure is that her husband of five years is gone. Where is he and who is he are questions no one seems able to answer. But Isabel will not rest until she discovers the truth about the man she loves, even if it means risking everything—including her own life.

“If you haven’t yet experienced Lisa Unger, what are you waiting for?”
—Harlan Coben

“The story unfolds layer by layer, revealing gasp-worthy details and clues from characters that form a thrilling chase for answers.”
—Miami Herald

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