THE WAVE Hits the Hudson!

Calling all surfers, athletes, and New Yorkers: The Surfer’s Environmental Alliance (SEA) is hosting its 4th Annual SEA Paddle NYC event one week from today: Friday the 13th! What better way to spend the most memorable of Fridays than along the Hudson cheering on elite surfers as they paddle 28 miles around NYC? Join Garrett McNamara, big-wave legend, and one of the subjects of Susan Casey’s upcoming book THE WAVE as he and his fellow surfers raise money for SEA and Autism Awareness.

Check out a clip from SEA Paddle NYC in 2008:

Register now and check out SEA on Facebook for the latest.

And mark your calendars for September 14th when THE WAVE crashes into bookstores everywhere.

This book is adrenalin. You don’t want to surf the waves described herein. Read the book. It’s safer that way.”
Eddie Vedder

THE WAVE is an amazing look at humble yet larger-than-life people who live by daring feats, honorable acts, and selfless denial—in short, these guys don’t care if anyone is looking as they attempt what seems impossible: riding waves the size of ten story sky scrapers. Casey was there in the middle of the action, and she writes with such precision about such strange, wondrous things, that it seems that many objects rising out of the ocean in this book belong only to mythology. Terrifying, beautiful, her prose is shot through with the haunting half-light of a storm. You can hear the waves crashing on your head as your read. I’m not kidding. You feel the waves grow with each turn of the page.”
Doug Stanton, author of Horse Soldiers and In Harm’s Way