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Cherries in Winter New In Paperback

Suzan Colón’s Cherries in Winter My Family’s Recipe for Hope in Hard Times is now in paperback with new stories and recipes.

When Suzan Colón was laid off from her dream job at a national magazine, she needed to cut her budget, and fast. That meant dusting off her grandmother Matilda’s old recipe folder and learning how to cook cheaply and simply. But Suzan found more than just amazing recipes—she found a new appreciation for the strong women in her family and the key to their survival through hard times.

Full of heart, Cherries in Winter is an irresistible gem of a book. It makes you want to cook, it makes you want to know your own family’s stories, and, above all, it makes you feel rich no matter what.

“Delicious. Delectable. Truthful, funny and poignant.” —Adriana Trigiani

Visit Suzan Colón’s website at Find and share family stories and recipes, read her blog, and watch videos of Suzan Colón cooking.

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