Charles Isherwood's Gift Pick for Theatre Lovers

The New York Times theatre critic Charles Isherwood recently named Must You Go? as one of his hot holiday picks for theatre lovers. “Antonia Fraser’s heartfelt memoir of her life with Harold Pinter is an engrossing, anecdote-rich feat for theater lovers whose tastes extend beyond the glitter of Broadway,” he wrote. “The book ultimately sheds humanizing new light on a writer with a public reputation for his stern sense of ethics and the clammy, unsettling spell cast by his plays.”

Francine Prose was also taken with the book. In The New York Times Book Review she wrote, “Fraser takes us behind the scenes at the plays Pinter wrote, acted in and directed, and recalls the moments when new works first took shape in his mind. . . . [Must You Go? is] entertaining and ultimately touching in its determination to recapture lost time, to portray a younger, more carefree self and to bring back a lost loved one, if only on the page.”

Read Antonia Fraser’s interview with The Wall Street Journal, or listen to her on The Diane Rehm Show.