"Radiant" Gryphon Now on Sale

“Baxter is a writer who plainly enjoys writing, who revels in it, which is rarer than you might think — not the enjoyment, necessarily, but the palpability of the pleasure (which works both ways). Making stories and sharing them comes as naturally to him as spinning webs does to spiders” (Boston Globe). Pick up a copy of Gryphon, Charles Baxter’s new collection of stories, and check out his tour stops.

Charles Baxter is the author of the novels The Feast of Love (nominated for the National Book Award), The Soul Thief, Saul and Patsy, Shadow Play, and First Light, and the story collections Believers, A Relative Stranger, Through the Safety Net, and Harmony of the World. He lives in Minneapolis and teaches at the University of Minnesota and in the M.F.A. Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.