The Illumination Ignites February

Kevin Brockmeier’s “searching and humane book” (Wall Street Journal) The Illumination is now onsale from Pantheon Books. “The man writes exquisite sentences . . . . His attention to detail is wizardlike,” hails the Plain Dealer. A “forthright novel of rare compassion, gravitas and resplendence,” asserts the Kansas City Star.

“The novel’s light makes for a new beauty in being human,” says the LA Times, “But since the light reveals hurts — from the insistent gleam of an old man’s hip to the soft halo of a college student’s hangover — the question arises of what it means to see it. Does the light demand a new kind of empathy? And if so, does this empathy have limits?” Brockmeier’s new novel forces us to pose all of these questions in its brilliant, affecting prose. Don’t miss Brockmeier’s tour events this season.