Dawn Approaches for City of the Sun Movie

There’s exciting news out of Hollywood for fans of David Levien and his Frank Behr novels, City of the Sun and Where the Dead Lay. In a recent interview with Done Deal Pro, Levien’s screenwriting partner, Brian Koppelman, has revealed that two have just finished the screenplay for a City of the Sun film. The pair also plan to direct the film.

Levien and Koppelman wrote the screenplays for Oceans Thirteen, Rounders, and Solitary Man, among others. They also directed Solitary Man, and are currently writing the screenplay for National Treasure 3.

The third Frank Behr novel, Thirteen Million Dollar Pop, will be published by Doubleday in June 2011. Click here for more information about David Levien and the Frank Behr series and to read excerpts from City of the Sun and Where the Dead Lay.