A Berner and a Fifth of Scotch, Shaken Not Stirred Please!

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Gloria and Martin’s marriage is in trouble, so they get a dog. Enter the ring Hola! Charming, adorable, happy-go-lucky, and very high-strung, Hola means well—she REALLY does—but lacks any sort of guidance. Soon enough, starved of any sort of discipline and attention, she begins to do what any child in a troubled marriage does—act out!

“Hola, surprise, surprise, grows enormous, while also growing out of control, ignoring commands, sprawling, immovable, across the bed. Add to this rowdy mix the fact that Kihn drinks way too much and that his wife, Gloria, is on the verge of leaving him, and you have a recipe for a surefire heartbreaking bestseller along the lines of Marley and Me.”—Laurie Hertzel, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Martin keeps a bottle of Vodka stashed—everywhere, you name it. Gloria, the incredibly patient and sober woman that has been watching her husband spend more time with Captain Morgan, and suffering vicious attacks by her dog who has come to appreciate her like a fine cut of filet mignon, decides to retreat to the Catskills. Shaken by this sudden turn of events, Martin decides to throw away the bottle(s), get a grip of Hola, and try to save his marriage.

“[A] bittersweet tale of renewal . . . An endearing read full of hope, humor and humility.”—Kirkus Reviews

How in the world will someone who clearly has very little control over his own actions, be a leading role model to an 85lb untamed, but lovable, beast? More so, how will this Bad Dog, who has twice been kicked out of obedience school, make a comeback into the world of, not just dog training, but get through the American Kennel Club’s strict Canine Good Citizen test? Will it be enough to bring back Gloria? Oh, it’s going to take an inexhaustible amount of determination, love—and liver treats!

Read the excerpt (you’ll be instantly hooked!), and if you still can’t get enough of Hola and Kihn read the PW interview.