Praise for John Vaillant's The Tiger, Now in Paperback

The Tiger, by John Vaillant, is the gripping story of the battle between man and one of nature’s most fearsome predators. When a tiger in Russia’s Far East kills two men, a team of trackers is dispatched to capture the tiger before it strikes again. In this extraordinary book, John Vaillant delves into the history of man’s relationship with the tiger and discusses challenges faced by both species in this remote region of the world.

Critics have cheered the book, now available for the first time in paperback. The San Francisco Chronicle called it, “Magnificent…. suspenseful…. The Tiger offers readers a shiver-inducing portrait of a predator.” The Plain-Dealer chimed in with, “Mesmerizing…. A blistering good tale, stocked with fascinating characters, none more compelling than the tiger itself…the adventure book of the year.” Outside called it “A masterpiece,” The Washington Post said it was “A riveting story,” and Simon Winchester of Toronto’s The Globe and Mail called it, “Brilliant…. A tale of astonishing power and vigor.”

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