Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

Jennifer Close

a debut novel

Published by Knopf August 19, 2011

Author touring to Chicago (8/25), Houston (8/30), New York (8/19), Washington DC (8/16)

“Modern and funny,
with original, wry observations.

“Isabella, Mary, and Lauren are three friends in New York City navigating relationships, careers, early adulthood, and other people’s weddings. Lauren is a real-estate agent who meets a man who could be Mr. Right—or a sociopath. Isabella is an assistant at a publishing house who suffers through a bad relationship, then meets a man who seems perfect until he asks her to move to Boston with him. Mary is a serious lawyer, married with two kids, whose husband is a perennial mama’s boy incapable of grocery shopping on his own. Mixed in with the trials and tribulations of the protagonists are humorous vignettes from the lives of some of their other friends and acquaintances—many of whom are on their way to the altar or trying to find a way to get there.
“Reminiscent of Melissa Bank’s The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, Jennifer Close’s debut novel will appeal to both fans of contemporary women’s fiction with a hip vibe and readers who enjoy old-school chick lit.”
—Karen Core, Library Journal (a starred review)

“A touching portrait
of female friendship…the
perfect blend of mid-twenties
angst, collegiate nostalgia,
and plentiful laughter.”

—Stephanie Turza, Booklist

“Wryly funny…with
a light touch and utterly
believable characters,”

Kirkus Reviews

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