Learn Moonshining, Pickling, Toymaking and More From The Foxfire Americana Library

For almost half a century, Foxfire has brought the philosophy of simple living to hundreds of thousands of readers, teaching creative self-sufficiency and preserving the stories, crafts, and customs of Appalachia. Coinciding with the release of The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book, Anchor Books is excited to announce The Foxfire Americana Library—a reference collection of attractively priced eBook originals featuring the very best from Foxfire’s extensive collection of how-to information, tips, stories, folk legends, interviews and more.

eBooks in the series include:

Moonshining as a Fine Art – Time-honored methods of making (and occasionally hiding) safe, successful stills.
Traditional Baking – Back-to-basics recipes for breads, cornbreads, puddings, cakes, and pies that are just as easily baked on a modern oven as the traditional Appalachian woodstoves where they began.
Pickling and Preserving – A warmhearted collection of tried-and-true methods for pickling and preserving fruits and vegetables.
Meats and Small Game – An illustrated wealth of information from Appalachian experts on how to dress and cook meats and small game, including fish, hog, raccoon, rabbit, squirrel, turtle, and deer.
Boogers, Witches, and Haints: Appalachian Ghost Stories – Whether they tell of faucets that drip blood or monster catfish that lurk at the bottom of quarries, these stories will make you question what you believe.
Blowguns and Bouncing Pigs: Traditional Toymaking – The Foxfire Americana Library takes you back to the good ol’ days with a collection of simple, classic toys that can be made at home.
Wild Spring Plant Foods – A handy illustrated guide to the edible plant life available in Appalachia and other temperate areas during the spring.
Wild Summer and Fall Plant Foods – A handy illustrated guide to the edible plant life available in Appalachia and surrounding areas during the summer and fall seasons.
Mountain Folk Remedies: Historic remedies ranging from the practical (burdock tea will help aching feet) to the magical (carrying a buckeye in your pocket will help lessen arthritis).
Planting by the Signs: Mountain Gardening – Tips for clearing land and growing vegetables from the people who originally pioneered the art through hard work (and a little bit of luck).
Mountain Music Fills the Air: Banjos and Dulcimers – Appalachian musicians share the history of the instruments and show how they are constructed, piece by piece, with photos and diagrams.
Household Crafts and Tips – The domestic arts are celebrated with traditional advice on soapmaking and quilting, as well as in-depth instructions for making baskets, hampers, cornhusk brooms, and more.

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