DARKMARKETby Misha Glenny

Misha Glenny

Cyberthieves, Cybercops and You

Published by Knopf October 4, 2011

AUTHOR TOUR: Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Washington DC

This extraordinarily powerful book demonstrates how utterly we lack the shared supranational tools needed to fight cybercrime.””

—Roberto Saviano, author of GOMMORAH

The benefits of living in a digital, globalized society are enormous; so too are the dangers. But have the institutions that work to keep us safe on the streets learned to protect us in the burgeoning digital world? Have we become complacent about our personal security—sharing our thoughts, beliefs and the details of our daily lives with anyone who might care to relieve us of them?

In this timely and important book, Misha Glenny, author of the international best seller McMAFIA, explores the three fundamental threats facing us in the twenty-first century: cybercrime, cyberwarfare and cyberindustrial espionage. Governments and the private sector are losing billions of dollars each year fighting an ever-morphing, often invisible and often supersmart new breed of criminal: the hacker.

Glenny has traveled the world and trawled the underworld and uncovered the most vivid, alarming and illuminating stories. He has tracked down and interviewed all the players—the criminals, the geeks, the police, the security experts and the victims —and he places everyone and everything in a rich brew of politics, economics and history.

The result is simply unputdownable. DARKMARKET is authoritative and completely engrossing. It’s a must-read for everyone who uses a computer.

Misha GlennyMisha Glenny is a former BBC central Europe correspondent. He covered the fall of Communism and the wars in the former Yugoslavia. He is the author of McMafia; The Rebirth of History; The Fall of Yugoslavia (which won an Overseas Press Club Award) and The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers, 1804-1999. He has been regularly consulted by U.S. and European governments on major policy issues. He lives in London.

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