At Home by Bill Bryson Available Now In Paperback

In his latest book, At Home, Bill Bryson takes us on a room-by-room tour through his own house, using each room as a jumping off point into the vast history of the domestic artifacts we take for granted. With his signature wit, charm, and seemingly limitless knowledge, Bryson demonstrates that whatever happens in the world eventually ends up in our home, in the paint, the pipes, the pillows, and every item of furniture. Says People: “If this book doesn’t supply you with five years’ worth of dinner conversation, you’re not paying attention.”

More praise for At Home:

“Delightful…. Bryson’s enthusiasm brightens any dull corner…. Hand over control and simply enjoy the ride.” —The New York Times Book Review

“An exuberant, shared social history…. Told with Bryson’s habitual brio…. A personal compendium of fascinating facts, suggesting how the history of houses and domesticity has shaped our lives, language, and ideas.” —The New York Review of Books

“A treasure trove…. Playful, yes, but Bryson is also a deft historian.” —Los Angeles Times

“Bryson is fascinated by everything, and his curiosity is infectious…. You can take this class in your pajamas—and, judging by the book’s laid-back, comfy tone, I have a sneaking suspicion that Bryson wrote much of it in his.” —New York Times Book Review

“The experience of reading a Bill Bryson book is something you don’t want to stop—a pip and a spree and, almost incidentally, a serious education. And never tiresome, for Bryson has the gift of being the student and not the tutor.” —Washington Post

“At Home is both insightful and entertaining, leaving a deeper appreciation of the stuff of home life that will never again be viewed as mundane.” —Seattle Times

“Readers who enjoyed Mr. Bryson’s apparently inexhaustible supply of nifty facts in such previous books as A Short History of Nearly Everything (2004) or The Mother Tongue (1991) will be happy to find the author’s pen as nimble and his narrative persona as genial as ever.” —Wall Street Journal

Click to listen to an interview with Bill Bryson on NPR’s Morning Edition. And for a taste of some of the book’s most interesting facts, check out this article about At Home in Mental Floss. You can also read an excerpt from At Home and visit Bill Bryson’s website.