Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award 2012: Habibi and Ed King on Shortlist

Congratulations to Habibi and Ed King, both of which made the 2012 Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Awards Shortlist!

Here’s what the PNBA Awards Committee has to say about our books:

A rollicking modern-day version of the Oedipus Rex tragedy, this wickedly funny story possesses the cynicism of Tom Wolfe mixed with the absurdity of Carl Hiassen. Beginning with a slow and dangerous seduction, the novel picks up speed as each new character is introduced, fearlessly taking on contemporary societal themes as it builds to a thrill-ride climax. The story features a cadre of rather despicable but entertaining characters who are caricatures of the 1980’s Me Generation. Original, brave and superb.

The intricate artwork in this book weaves the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and traditional patterns into a story that feels simultaneously ancient and modern, starkly realistic and mythological. And the discovery doesn’t end with the last sentence of the story. The footnotes add another stunning dimension. The appeal of this book will reach far beyond comics fans. Habibi should take its place alongside groundbreaking classics such as Maus and Persepolis.