Get Your Piano On With Our Spotify Playlist!

Just in time for the release of his book, A Natural History of the Piano, author Stuart Isacoff has put together a Spotify playlist of some fantastic piano pieces that will provide the perfect soundtrack to your weekend.

Stuart writes, “Here is a sampling from various categories of music-making described in the book, including Combustibles like CPE Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven, whose music simmers and explodes; Alchemists like Debussy and Cage, who transport us through the mysteries of harmonic chemistry; Melodists like Chopin and Rachmaninoff, who seduce our ears with tonal arabesques; and Rhythmitizers, who cause our toes to tap and our hips to sway.”

Learn more about Knopf on Spotify, and listen to Stuart’s A Natural History of the Piano playlist.

A Natural History of the Piano comes out Tuesday (11/15), and be sure to tune into NPR’s All Things Considered tonight to hear Stuart talk about the history of the piano.