Margaret Atwood Illustrations Featured in New eBook: See Them Here!

Here are just a few of the hand drawn illustrations by Margaret Atwood that are featured exclusively in the eBook edition of her latest release, In Other Worlds.

“Deeply thoughtful, deftly argued, sometimes unexpected—[Atwood] shows readers how science fiction fits into a long, venerable tradition … Bracing, provocative.”
Los Angeles Times

Above: From “Homelanding” — a fictional vignette about alien life.

Above: From “Cryogenics” — a fictional dinner-table conversation about getting one’s head frozen.

Peach Women
Above: The Peach Women of A’Aa, who appear in The Blind Assassin.

Blue Bunny
Above: Blue Bunny, one of Margaret Atwood’s earliest superhero inventions.

“Eminently readable and accessible … Atwood revels in all aspects of the SF genre, both high- and low-brow, and her enthusiasm and level of intellectual engagement are second to none.”
Financial Times

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