Mark Z. Danielewski's The Familiar: Coming in 27 Volumes from Pantheon

Mark Z. Danielewski, author of cult favorites House of Leaves and Only Revolutions, will once again push publishing boundaries with The Familiar, a serial novel coming from Pantheon in 2014. The novel will be published in 27 volumes, with one new installment coming every three months. Julie Bosman of The New York Times likens this to the book version of buzzy, serialized television shows like Mad Men.

“Literature is capable of being a subject that people want to catch up on or discuss, whether at a coffee shop or a watercooler,” Danielewski told The New York Times. “It can become an intrinsic part of their dialogue.”

In the meantime, Danielewski fans can get their fix as early as next October, when Pantheon will publish The Fifty-Year Sword, a novella-length ghost story.