Literary Turducken: Twitter Cooks Up Lit Masterpieces on Our Hashtag

With a single post to Twitter, Doubleday started a new literary tradition for Thanksgiving: #LiteraryTurducken

Soon, thousands of twitter users were tweeting their literary Frankensteins:

Green Eggs and Hamlet the Great World Spin
Help: A Visit from the Goon Squad And Then There Were None
The Old Man and the Wide Sargasso Seabiscuit
A Great and Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Gatsby
The Girl Who Played with Catching the Goblet of Fire
The Art of War of the Worlds in 80 Days
Moby, Dick and Jane Eyre
How Green Was My Valley of the Doll’s House
Go Dog Go Tell it on the Magic Mountain
Eat Green Eggs and Ham, Pray As I Lay Dying, Love Little Women
The Wind-up Norwegian Bird on the Shore

And by the middle of the day, the topic was trending worldwide! Follow the #LiteraryTurducken hashtag on Twitter and contribute your own mashed-up, mixed-up titles.