THE FEAR INDEXa novelby Robert Harris

Robert Harris


Published by Knopf January 31, 2012

“A first-class page-turner…the multitalented Harris throws another bull’s-eye.

“If there’s anything Robert Harris can’t write, he hasn’t revealed it yet. He’s equally confident with alternate history (Fatherland), ancient history (Pompeii), WWII thrillers (Enigma), and contemporary intrigue (The Ghost).
“Now he turns in another masterful performance with this story of an artificial-intelligence researcher whose breakthrough in hedge-fund speculation seems to have led to a plot to discredit him, not to mention driving him insane. But as Dr. Alex Hoffman tries, increasingly frantically, to find out who has it in for him, we slowly begin to realize that he has no conception of just how clever the plot against him really is…
“In less sure hands, the story might have come off seeming either wildly implausible or just plain silly, but Harris displays a magician’s talent for misdirection, focusing our attention on one thing while doing something else behind our backs. Full of sharply drawn characters and artfully revealed surprises—and a big dose of paranoia —the book is a first-class page-turner.”
—David Pitt in a starred review for BOOKLIST

“Will keep readers engrossed.”

“Smart and sophisticated.”

Film rights sold to Fox 2000

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