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Recipe by the Book: Vanilla Ginger Cupcakes for The Foremost Good Fortune

Recipe by the BookWhen Susan Conley, her husband, and their two young sons left their house in Maine for a two-year stint in a high-rise apartment in Beijing, they were prepared to weather the inevitable onslaught of culture shock. But the challenges of living and mothering in an utterly foreign country became even more complicated when Susan learned that she had cancer. The Foremost Good Fortune is a poignant memoir set against the eternally fascinating backdrop of modern China and full of insight into the trickiest questions of motherhood. While your reading group discusses the book, serve these delicious Vanilla Ginger Cupcakes—a family recipe provided by Susan Conley herself!

(If you have trouble viewing the recipe in the widget below, please click here to view on the Scribd website.)

Plus, read an exclusive essay from Susan about the reaction she’s received from readers!