Media Center: 'Beyond Outrage' by Robert Reich

Media Center: 'Beyond Outrage' by Robert Reich

Knopf to Publish as an eBook Original

Photo of jacketOn April 17th, Knopf will publish as an eBook original BEYOND OUTRAGE by best-selling author and economic commentator Robert B. Reich. In it, Reich urges Americans to move beyond mere outrage over the nation’s concentrated wealth and corrupt politics by taking action to help turn around our struggling economy and by working together to guarantee a return to fair democracy.

“I’ve written this eBook to give you the big picture of why and how our economy and our democracy are becoming rigged against average working people, what must be done, and what you can do about it,” says Reich. “I’ve called it BEYOND OUTRAGE for a very specific reason. Your outrage is understandable. Moral outrage is the prerequisite of social change. But you also need to move beyond outrage and take action. The regressive forces seeking to move our nation backward must not be allowed to triumph.”

Reich argues that Americans can’t rely solely on getting good people elected, because in his experience, “nothing good happens in Washington unless good people outside Washington make it happen. Nothing worth changing in America will actually change unless you and others like you are committed to achieving that change.”

In order to be effectively mobilized, Americans need to see the big picture, and BEYOND OUTRAGE presents this larger view. It shows why the increasing share of income and wealth going to the top has hobbled growth for everyone else while undermining our democracy; it explains how the proposals of the “regressive right” are wrong and represent a return to Social Darwinism and other ideas and policies that are already proven failures; and it provides a clear road map for what must be done instead.

Writes Reich, “I have never been as concerned as I am now about the future of our democracy, the corrupting effects of big money in our politics, the stridency and demagoguery of the regressive right, and the accumulation of wealth and power at the very top. We are perilously close to losing an economy and a democracy that are meant to work for everyone and to replacing them with an economy and a government that will exist mainly for a few wealthy and powerful people.”

BEYOND OUTRAGE is a blueprint for action for everyone who cares about the future of America.

Watch an intro video of Robert Reich:

Photo of the authorBEYOND OUTRAGE: What has gone wrong with our economy
and our democracy, and how to fix them by Robert B. Reich.

On sale April 17, 2012
eBook: 978-0-307-96182-2, $2.99. (Text only)
Enhanced eBook edition: 978-0-307-96130-6, $3.99. (Includes text plus 5 videos featuring the author)

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