Media Center: 'Left-handed' Poems by Jonathan Galassi

Media Center: 'Left-handed' Poems by Jonathan Galassi

Photo of the authorWHO:
Jonathan Galassi


Published by Knopf March 21, 2012

“Galassi’s poems are first and foremost vulnerable, and many will find this book startling.”

“Intensely heartfelt.” -Fred Muratori, LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Cosmopolitan.” -Diego Báez, BOOKLIST

A sampling…


You twisted your-
self into a pretzel
trying to tolerate
something you hated
in me it turned out
was essential. Does
that mean I should
twist myself into a
pretzel trying not
to be the thing that
made you twist
yourself into a
pretzel? Having
been salty and
wrenched for so
long it’s a relief I
find to unwind and
simply be bent but
not twisted; neither
of us can be pret-
zels anymore. Why
is that so hard to
understand? I’m sad
about it too but
I’m not angry. No,
I’m glad I’m not
twisted into a pret-
zel. You be glad too.

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