After You've Finished Defending Jacob, Read The Good Father

Readers across the country have been taken in by the story of a son’s crimes and a father’s love in William Landay’s Defending Jacob. If you loved that novel, there’s a great chance you’ll get hooked by Noah Hawley’s The Good Father. Noah Hawley, the creator of the TV shows The Unusuals and My Generation, takes you on a harrowing and heartbreaking journey of Dr. Paul Allen starting at the moment he he hears his son Daniel has killed the next President of the United States. In a book that analyzes both the motives of assassins and the forgiveness of families, you can’t look away as Paul learns to accept the truth of what he will always and never know about his son. Was Daniel wrapped up in a conspiracy? Was there something Paul missed in his son? Or is fate stronger than even a parent’s love? These questions, which parallel the ones asked by Landay, will keep you reading The Good Father through the night.

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