Media Center: 'Home' by Toni Morrison

Media Center: 'Home' by Toni Morrison

Photo of the authorWHO:
Toni Morrison

HOME, a novel

Published by Knopf
May 8, 2012

“A taut, lacerating novel…from one of our national literary treasures.

“The Korean conflict is over, and soldier Frank Money has returned to the States with a disturbed psyche that sends him beyond anger into actually acting out his rage. From the mental ward in which he has been incarcerated for an incident he can’t even remember, he determines that he must escape. He needs to get to Atlanta to attend to his gravely ill sister and take her back to their Georgia hometown of Lotus, which remains a detestable place in his mind…
“Morrison’s taut, lacerating novel observes, through the struggles of Frank to move heaven and earth to reach and save his little sister, how a damaged man can gather the fortitude to clear his mind of war’s horror and face his own part in that horror, leave the long-term anger he feels toward his hometown aside, and take responsibility for his own life as well as hers.
Photo of jacket“With the economical presentation of a short story, the rhythms and cadence of a poem, and the total embrace and resonance of a novel, Morrison, one of our national literary treasures, continues to marshal her considerable talents to draw a deeply moving narrative and draw in a wide range of appreciative readers.” —Brad Hooper, in a starred review for BOOKLIST

“Beautiful, brutal…an immaculate novel.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, in a starred review

“Deceptively rich and cumulatively powerful…subtle and shattering.”
—KIRKUS, in a starred review

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