Media Center: 'Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln' by Stephen L. Carter

Media Center: 'Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln' by Stephen L. Carter

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Stephen L. Carter


Published by Knopf July 15, 2012

Author tour to Boston, New England, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC

“A fascinating mix of murder mystery, political thriller, and courtroom drama.

“What if Abraham Lincoln had not been killed by John Wilkes Booth? What if he survived the assassination attempt and lived on to face the vociferous criticism of Republican Radicals and others in the aftermath of the Civil War? What if the criticism reached the level of a call for impeachment, charging Lincoln with planning to impose martial law on the nation’s capital?
“Into such tumult steps Abigail Canner, a young, educated black woman challenging the conventions of the period, who goes to work as a clerk for the law firm defending Lincoln against impeachment. Among her compatriots are a taciturn partner unsure he wants to be involved in the impeachment, a rising young attorney engaged to marry into a prominent political family, and a peg-legged investigator who has been been acquitted of murdering his wife’s lover. Their defense hinges on the mysterious disappearance of a list of conspirators against Lincoln…
Photo of jacket“This novel has all the juicy stew of post–Civil War Washington, with the complexities of race, class, and sex mixed in. An imaginatively conceived alternate history.” —Vanessa Bush, in a starred review for BOOKLIST

“Smart and engaging.”

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