Three Books Coming Not-So-Soon That You Should Still Be Excited About

Don’t have enough on your to-read list? Here’s three books that may show up on it soon.

As announced in the New York Times this morning, Doubleday is proud to be publishing in 2015 Jay Parini’s biography of Gore Vidal. Editor Gerry Howard talks about the relationship between Vidal and his good friend Parini:

“They hit it off quite well, and Jay had been talking to Gore for all that time, usually weekly and sometimes daily, in person or more often over the phone, so he knows a lot about Gore that he’s heard directly from the source, and that’s certainly one of the major things that’s going to inform the biography, this intimate acquaintance that they had.”

Second, in case you missed it last week, we will be posthumously publishing David Rakoff‘s final novel, which was written in verse. LOVE, DISHONOR, MARRY, DIE; CHERISH, PERISH is written entirely in verse. If that’s not enough to convince you to take a look, then perhaps Mr. Rakoff’s astoundingly brilliant humor is.

Finally, a book that’s already being talked about in the Doubleday offices is the second installment of Chuck Palahniuk’s “young girl kicks ass in the afterlife” trilogy, which started with The New York Times Bestseller DAMNED. It’s Chuck’s first sequel. Here’s the brief synopsis he shared with his webmaster… (Beware spoilers if you haven’t read the first!)

“The next novel will follow Madison back to earth as a ghost, doomed to haunting her parents for a year. In flashback we see her earlier childhood, including the death of the kitten whose dead body subsequently clogged the plumbing of the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel. That death is not Madison’s doing, but another death is. Whether it’s murder or self-defense, as a ten-year-old Madison kills someone horrifically, and that’s the most-likely reason why she was damned in the first place. We also begin to recognize a centuries-long conspiracy engineered to train and test Maddy for her role as the savior of all spiritual beings.”

Stay tuned for more information on both of these essential volumes.