Media Center: 'In Between Days' by Andrew Porter

Media Center: 'In Between Days' by Andrew Porter

Photo of the authorWHO: Andrew Porter


Published by Knopf September 7, 2012

WHERE: Set in Houston

“An absorbing debut novel.

“A busted marriage, gay prostitution, a potential murder charge —what’s a nice Texas family doing in a state like this?
“Porter chronicles the slow-motion fracture of an upper-middle-class Houston clan. Elson, a well-regarded architect, has split from his wife, Cadence, and both are clumsily pursuing new relationships. Their son, Richard, is a promising young gay poet who’s uncertain about how much he wants to commit to his art. But the real problem is their daughter, Chloe, who’s been suspended from college under obscure circumstances.
“As Porter cycles through each family member’s inner life, their turmoil becomes more pronounced, and it becomes clear just what a heap of trouble Chloe is in: Her boyfriend, Raja, was involved in the violent beating of a fellow student who was bullying him, and Chloe’s efforts to protect Raja have attracted police attention.
The prose is smooth—practically frictionless, thanks to Porter’s realistic yet meaningful dialogue and his plainspoken, nonjudgmental descriptions. Porter wants to explore why we take such firm hold of some parts of our emotional lives but willfully neglect others, and his surprise ending suggests why it’s worth breaking free of others’ definitions of emotional attainment.”

Photo of jacket“Mesmerizing…Grabs the reader and does not let go until the last page.”
—Henry Bankhead, LIBRARY JOURNAL

“A multilayered and suspenseful tale.”
—Elizabeth Dickie, BOOKLIST

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