Media Center: 'Life of Objects' by Susanna Moore

Media Center: 'Life of Objects' by Susanna Moore

Photo of the authorWHO: Susanna Moore


Published by Knopf September 18, 2012

WHERE: Set in WWII Germany

ā€œElegant, moving, heartrending.

ā€œSeventeen-year-old lace maker Beatrice Palmer is overjoyed when she gets the chance to leave her suffocating hometown in Ireland to become a seamstress for a prominent German family.
ā€œThe year is 1938, and Beatrice arrives to find that the Metzenburgsā€™ Berlin home has been requisitioned by the chancellery and most of their servants conscripted. Felix, an art collector and former ambassador, and his wife, Dorothea, the daughter of a Jewish banker and a German baroness, leave with 20 wagons of paintings, silver, and furniture to live quietly at Dorotheaā€™s estate 40 miles south of Berlin. But within a few years, the refined Metzenburgs, appalled by Hitlerā€™s actions yet unwilling to leave their beloved country, find themselves reduced to living in the forest, sharing what little food they have with the local villagersā€¦
Photo of the jacketā€œAward-winning author Susanna Moore delivers a heartrending portrait of the ravages of war, which is all the more poignant for Beatriceā€™s dispassionate narration. An elegant and moving tribute to the endurance of the human spirit.ā€
ā€”Joan Wilkinson in BOOKLIST

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