THE BROKEN ONES: The Most Suspenseful Book You Missed in 2012

Stephen M. Irwin’s THE BROKEN ONES flew under the radar in 2012, even though it’s probably one of the most suspenseful and original mysteries of the year. Now, readers are finally catching up to this supernatural thriller, which appeared on best-of-2012 lists in the Chicago Tribune, Kirkus, and Suspense Magazine. Kirkus called it “a flawlessly assembled thriller.”

We asked Doubleday editor Rob Bloom what initially drew him to work with Stephen, and why THE BROKEN ONES sucked him in:

Everyone is haunted by something…Stephen Irwin has an uncanny gift for knowing what chills us deep down, and he exploits that knowledge expertly in his latest novel, The Broken Ones. It’s a rich, fast-paced, and thrilling story that will stick with you long after you turn the final page—but it has something more than that. Stephen also has a preternatural talent for scaring the living hell out me. He writes real, flawed, funny, and unpredictable characters…and puts them in situations of true peril. I recommend The Broken Ones to any reader looking for a new twist on thrillers, or like feeling that chill in their spine. Check it out if you like Michael Koryta, Justin Evans, Charlaine Harris or you’re just looking for fresh new voice. I’m not only incredibly lucky to be Stephen’s editor on The Broken Ones (and also his equally fantastic debut, The Dead Path) I’m also a huge fan. I hope you enjoy too. – RB

And here’s one more fan – bestselling author Lincoln Child: “[THE BROKEN ONES] is a truly unique and harrowing vision–Irwin’s ability to blend genres is as remarkable as his imagination.”

If that’s not enough to talk you into this one, we don’t know what is!