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Download Seating Arrangements Invitations for Your Next Meeting

Maggie Shipstead’s Seating Arrangements is not only perfect summer reading, it’s a wonderful book for reading groups. Set at a posh New England wedding, the book thoughtfully combines themes of love, status, and family with a dash of satire and a hint of tragedy. You’ll love the characters, too—from Winn Van Meter, the discontented patriarch with the schoolboy crush; to Livia, the younger sister with the broken heart. This debut novel is sure to keep everyone in your group talking!

Turn your next book club meeting into an affair worthy of the Van Meter family with our special book club invitations. Download the image below and email it to your group before your meeting to discuss Seating Arrangements.

Plus, if you’re looking for inspiration for your refreshments menu, consider our Seating Arrangements Champagne Punch. Cheers!



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