Media Center: ‘Amor and Psycho’ by Carolyn Cooke

Media Center: ‘Amor and Psycho’ by Carolyn Cooke

WHO: Carolyn Cooke


WHEN: Published by Knopf August 9, 2013

WHERE: The author lives in San Francisco.

WHY: ‚ÄúErotic, whimsical, profound. Cooke writes with passion, empathy and considerable humor as her characters face life-changing issues of divorce, illness, self-destruction and impending death.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒKIRKUS, a starred review

‚ÄúCooke’s stories twist and turn, playing games with language.
She delivers tales of cancer; bosses who stop paying their employees; a teacher and her Native American charge, both with boundary issues; an ambitious young writer who works for a Hustler-like magazine; and a mysterious culture. The stories don’t stop where you think they will (or, sometimes, where you think they should) and…they leave you with something: shards of phrases; a lifetime of attitudes conveyed in a word or an aside; or odd, perfect details that stick in your mind.” ‚ÄĒPUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Jacket photo‚ÄúPowerful, engaging, offbeat…The final story is so outrageous one imagines Cooke’s glee in writing it. This is the product of a mature and considerable talent and should be enjoyed, but not taken lightly.” ‚ÄĒDanise Hoover, BOOKLIST

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