Meet Your Inner Fish with Neil Shubin and PBS

PBS recently launched the new website for their upcoming 3-part series Your Inner Fish, based on the book by celebrated paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin.  Your Inner Fish takes an in-depth look at how the human body came to be, from how wings became arms to how our hands developed from fins.  As you can see from the trailer, Shubin and his team have gone to great lengths to investigate the answers to these questions, and with the PBS series, the creatures that hold the key to our past come alive right on your screen.

PBS has created an amazing resource with the new website, which features not only videos and clips from the series, but also classroom resources, an image gallery, and even an interactive guide showing how each body part has evolved over millions of years.

The series premieres on PBS beginning April 9th. For more information about the book that started it all, click here.

Your Inner Fish | PBS