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See What’s Beyond the Canvas with Allison Amend’s A Nearly Perfect Copy

Elm Howells has a keen eye for the world’s most sought-after paintings, a skill that’s keeping her afloat in her job at New York’s most revered art auction houses. But like the paintings she scrutinizes, all is not what it seems in Allison Amend’s latest novel A Nearly Perfect Copy. The book follows Elm as she risks her career and family to reconcile the tragic loss of her son, killed on a recent vacation. It’s easy to understand why critics and readers alike have been drawn to Elm’s whirlwind story. As Alan Cheuse of NPR explains: “I loved the lore about the art business. Really, I found this to be a terrifically entertaining novel that never lost its hold on the hearts of its characters or mine.”

Read the excerpt below, and discover why A Nearly Perfect Copy is a great fit for any reading group—dynamic characters at a crossroads, exciting locations, and a dash of mystery. And what could be better for a lively discussion about the book than including the author herself! Allison recently joined Author Chats, a great way to involve the writers of your favorite books in your book club. Click here to have Allison join your meeting via phone.

(If you have trouble viewing the excerpt below, please click here to view on Scribd.)