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Recipe by the Book: Olive Oil Bundt Cake

RBTB_H (1)Mona Simpson, the award-winning author of My Hollywood, is back with a beguiling new novel about a boy working to uncover the mysteries of his unraveling family. In Casebook, Miles Adler-Hart sets out to snoop on his mother with a simple goal in mind: find out what’s happening on Survivor so he can discuss it with his classmates. But then he overhears snippets of conversation not meant for his ears—that his dad doesn’t think of his mom “that way anymore”—drawing him into the intricacies of their adult world. Casebook is the story of what happens when kids fall down the rabbit hole of their parents’ private lives—and discover shocking secrets. . . .

How do kids handle this newfound knowledge of adulthood? As Mona Simpson’s enthralling book shows, their perspective can be both comical and illuminating. Casebook will be sure to spark a lively conversation, and we happen to have the perfect treat to complement your book club discussion!

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